Alfred Price

This is a breakable disk knockout competition shot on one evening.


The competition is open to all C&DRC members, and is organized as a knockout. The entire competition takes place on one evening. Targets consist of 6 1⁄2 inch white clay breakable disks on a black background at a range of 25 yards. Prone rifles must be used but without slings. Light sporting rifles or telescopic sights are not allowed. Each contestant will have two minutes to shoot using unlimited ammunition. Shooting must be in pairs, normally with two pairs per detail. The first person in each pair to break all 6 disks, or the person in each pair with the most disks broken within two minutes, will go through to the next round. If, at the end of two minutes, no disks are broken, shooting is to continue until one competitor breaks a disk.

When setting up the competition, names are drawn from a container at random to determine the order of entries in the first round. Note that the number of entries must be an integer power of 2 (8, 16, 32 etc.). "Bogeys" are not really practical due to the difficulties of determining the average score.