"Full-bore" means that the firearms used have calibre greater than 0.22".  We are affiliated with the NRA giving us access to a variety of facilities at Bisley Camp.

We shoot prone each month at ranges between 100yds and 1200yds. Most shoots are morning only.  There are also regualr gallery rifle sessions shooting shorter ranges using pistol calibre carbines or .22lr rifles.

The Club has rifles that can be used by members and ammo is also available.

Club Competitions

There are a wide variety of competitions and prizes to encourage shooters of all levels.

  • Bisley Cup awarded to highest average across 3 distances
  • Brian Streeter Trophy shot at 300 and 600 yards with the winner having the nearest scores
  • Stalkers Challenge shot at 100 yards in three postions (prone, sitting and standing) plus pop up target

A typical smallbore detail will comprise few sighting shots then ten scoring shots fired at 10 individual targets as a group before being scored in the club house. Fullbore works slightly differently: after each shot the marker will lower the target, mark the point of impact and score, then raise the target for the next shot.  Hopefully marking a V-Bull each time.  A detail is usually just two sighters then 10 to score.

300 Yards

600 Yards

Note the light blue target sheet just to the shooter's right - this is used to keep track of where previous shots went.

1200 Yards (6/8th of a mile!).  Shooting was cancelled because of the fire

The larger cartridge allows the use of more powder and heavier bullets, giving the rifle a much longer effective range. Compare the .308" on the left to the .22" on the right below. The higher momentum of the bullets does result in greater recoil than smallbore shooting.