Cranmer Shield

This is a knockout competition to determine the club prone rifle champion for the year. It is more properly known as the Cranmer Shield Elimination Contest. The prize was provided by J.A.R. Cranmer and first awarded in 1939.


The competition is open to all C&DRC members, and is organized as a knockout with typically two weeks allowed per round. In each round, each entrant must shoot two cards, the scores (as dropped points) are added to provide a single score for that round. In order to progress to the next round, each entrant must score better than their opponent. Ties are resolved by shooting one extra card each, repeating until a winner is found.

When setting up the competition, names are drawn from a container at random to determine the order of entries in the first round. "Bogeys" are added to make the number of entries an integer power of two (e.g. 16 or 32). The bogey "shoots" the average of all scores in each round. In the event that a bogey reaches the final round, the remaining human entrant is declared the winner.

An alternative to the use of bogeys is to have a preliminary round, in which case only the best (say) 16 scores from two cards are allowed to enter the competition proper.