Skeet Pairs

This is similar to the Cranmer knockout competition, but in this case each entrant is paired with another.

Pairs are decided randomly. You may be paired with the best shot in the club, or you may not! The pairs compete against each other in a knockout manner until only one pair is left.

These winners are each awarded one of these splendid horses.


The competition is open to all C&DRC members, and is organized as a knockout with typically two weeks allowed per round. The list of competitors is normally identical to that of the Cranmer competition. In each round, each entrant must shoot two cards. The four scores (as dropped points) for each pair are added to provide a single score for that round. In order to progress to the next round, each pair must score better than their opposing pair. Ties are resolved by shooting one extra card for each competitor, repeating until a winner is found.

The order of entries, and hence the pairs, are normally defined by the draw used for the Cranmer competition including the "Bogeys" or results of a preliminary round. In the event that an entrant paired with a bogey wins the competition, that entrant is awarded both horses (lucky them)!